Physiotherapist treat back problem with Accupressure

written by Mathew Horton
Published by Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK.

People suffering from a bad back can benefit from physiotherapists administering acupressure to the affected area.

This is the belief of Cabella Lowe, professional head of physiotherapy at Nuffield Health, who said that this technique can provide people with much needed relief when it comes to a sore back.

She notes that physiotherapists have a number of different ways in which this problem can be treated, but that acupressure on the parts of the body which are in distress can prove to be beneficial in the long term.

“You can use acupressure points yourself – if you’ve got somewhere that’s really sore it sometimes feels nice if you actually dig your thumbs into it and just press hard on those muscles,” Ms Lowe added.

As opposed to acupuncture which uses needles to alleviate pain, acupressure works by gradually pressing down on key healing points which are designed to stimulate the body’s natural self-curing abilities.

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