Be gentle when coping with back pain

Extracted from Chartered Society of Physiotherapy articel
By Megan Smith

Back pain can be a common complaint for many people but an expert has offered some helpful advice to cope with this problem.

Cabella Lowe, professional head of physiotherapy at Nuffield Health, stressed the importance of being “gentle” when a person is suffering with a bad back.

Ms Lowe explains that those afflicted should ease themselves into treatment by having a hot bath to relieve the pain and take the sort of painkillers that they would normally take for a headache.

At a time of year when many people are out and about in the garden carrying out day-to-day tasks, the expert believes that not over-doing it is vital to ensure a healthy back.

“That pain [from working outside] should really subside quite quickly over a day or so. It’s key to keep active – you don’t need to rest back pain like that, you just need to keep pottering about really,” Ms Lowe added.

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