Health & Wellness Consultation

The wellness journey starts with a comprehensive and holistic health and wellness consultation with a experienced wellness consultant.

The following are the components of the Health & Wellness Consultation

  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis and review
  • BioResonance Analysis and review
  • Circulation Analysis and review

Our Health & Wellness consultation goes beyond traditional health checks and provides additional insights to health and wellness.
Our BioResonance analysis and review identifies imbalances that are at the root health issues with a scan of the entire body and systems. The wellness consultant will recognize patterns in these imbalances and develop a personalized Strategic Health Plan. Within the Strategic Health Plan, the consultant will address specific imbalances with a holistic approach, which may include nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle adjustments and other appropriate therapies to facilitate your body’s self-healing process.

Some of the benefits of Health & Wellness consultation include:

  • Comprehensive insight to current state of health
  • Strategic Health plan as roadmap to optimum health