Effective Cardiac Rehabilitation

Extracted from Physiotherapy 2012 Conference article, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Cardiac rehabilitation is equally effective for heart patients whether it is delivered as a centre-based or a home-based intervention, delegates heard.

Rod Taylor, professor in health services research at Peninsula Medical School at the University of Exeter outlined his work heading up a team that has spent three years assessing and updating six Cochrane reviews into the effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation.

Delegates were given an overview of the findings, which indicate that cardiac rehabilitation improves both the quality of life and the longevity of patients.

The results also show that rehabilitation conducted at home can be of equal benefit to patients as hospital or centre-based care. ‘The end results are similar in terms of mortality and quality of life efficiency,’ said Professor Taylor.
He went on to discuss the implications for the future delivery and practice of cardiac rehabilitation services.

A more comprehensive approach was recommended, with services including education and psychological interventions when appropriate, as well as exercise training.
‘The reason we do cardiac rehabilitation is not just to lengthen life but also to improve quality of life,’ said Professor Taylor.

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