Back pain can be caused by lack of exercise

Extracted from Chartered Society of Physiotherapy article
written by Megan Smith

Failing to exercise on a regular basis could result in back pain, according to research by two UK institutes.

People looking to shed a few pounds may look to hit the gym and join in physical activity but at times it can seem likes a chore. However, a survey by Arthritis Research UK and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has found that exercising is key to preventing back pain.

Even those who take part in physical activity could also run the risk of contracting these problems as the organisation found that three in ten people do not warm-up properly prior to exercise.

While a fifth of the respondents said they were unaware how to prepare adequately, a third said they just did not bother.

Dr Helena Johnson, CSP chair, said “Failing to warm up first and cool down afterwards may increase the chances of suffering an injury, which could potentially lead to problems like osteoarthritis in later life.”

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