Workplace Injuries

The workplace is a common cause of injury. In addition to accidents which cause various injuries such as bone fractures and whiplash as mentioned earlier, the workplace is also a major contributor to various conditions such as lower back pain.

Lower back pain in desk based professions is a very common complaint, and physiotherapy can help you regain the fitness for work and help identify the cause of the pain and ultimately reduce the number of days lost from work due to musculoskeletal injury.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) describes a collection of conditions resulting from overuse of individual tissues. Management involves treating the acute symptoms as well as the source of the injury to prevent further problems. Another cause of workplace injury is related to postural pain. Prolonged static positions, such as sitting for several hours, place abnormal stresses on the body and can result in pain. Physiotherapy can assist in management of acute symptoms and advice with exercise to promote long-term prevention. Physiotherapy can also assist with assessment of posture related problems and provide advice on ergonomics / work station management / lifting etc and also provide advice on exercise and activity modification.