Sports Injuries

Sports physiotherapy focuses on the treatment for specific injuries and rehabilitation to prevent recurrences.
Physiotherapy aids the restoration of movement, function and strength during recovery.

Rehabilitation specific to a sport will assist in an early return to activity.

Sports related injuries benefit from early intervention; this prevents an acute injury from becoming chronic and helps to ensure that further problems do not arise.

Physiotherapy offers assessment and treatment of sports injuries from the initial acute stage through to the final rehabilitation. All levels of athletes can be catered for from elite to recreational. Specific areas include

Ankle Sprains

Knee ligament / Cartilage Injury

Patello-Femoral (Knee Cap) Problems

Overuse Running Injuries

Direct Injury from Contact Sport

Shoulder Pain from Throwing / Overhead Activity

Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Biomechanical Assessment of Overuse Injury